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Three Passions I have Lived for

I was ten years old when I became a Christian. At school, I talked openly about Jesus to my friends, and told them how they could become Christians. I even stood on a desk and preached to a whole class until the teacher arrived.
I had discovered the first and foremost passion in my life – to declare the good news about Jesus to anyone who will listen. At school, some listened, some ignored me, but some believed. I began to meet regularly with a small group of friends to teach them about God. I do not remember the content of my teaching but I am sure God began to use me to reach others with the good news about Jesus.
When I was thirteen I started at a new school, and it was here that I discovered my second passion. One day, my friend Crispian lent me his electric guitar. I will never forget that day. I remember picking up the bright red Fender Stratocaster and plugging it into an amp. I was amazed that six metal wires attached to a piece of wood could produce such a glorious sound. I was hooked and bought my own guitar. From then on, I spent every spare moment practicing. Sometimes, I played so hard that my fingers bled, but I didn’t care. At eighteen I went to an independent music school to study the guitar further.
After graduating, God gave me the opportunity to combine my passions, and I served with an itinerant evangelistic music ministry for several years. I travelled throughout the United Kingdom and much of Europe visiting schools, colleges and churches performing concerts and preaching the gospel. These were incredible years when I saw many young people come to know Jesus.
I now find myself pursuing a new passion. Years ago the same friend who lent me his guitar, gave me his Bible. That Bible is the same one I now take to Moody Bible Institute every day. I have long had a fascination with theology but no formal education. In 2003 I began to take classes in Biblical and Theological Studies at Wycliffe Hall in Oxford, England. I developed a taste for the rigors of study and decided to apply to Moody Bible Institute.
Passion requires commitment, risk and a thick skin. My first passion caused me to be ridiculed, my second took years to master, and my third led me to take a great leap across continents: In order to attend Moody, my wife, two small sons, and I had to move from England to America. We sold nearly every possession that could not be stored in my parent’s attic and got on a plane to start an entirely new life. Following the path our passions lead us down is always treacherous, but if these passions are from God, they always have a purpose and are worth the cost.