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Election Day 2009

I am several blocks away from where Barack Obama will take the stage in downtown Chicago for an election rally. I am too estranged from polls and political forecasts to give my opinion as to whom the winner might be on this historic day, but I can tell you my impressions of the country’s mood at this time.
The last months have seen a rapid fire series of crises. It seems an age has passed since gas prices went through the roof, and it even seems that attention has wavered from the economic woes faced by a country running largely on credit. It is as if, one by one, the proverbial rugs are being pulled out from beneath American feet. Nothing is tied down, nothing is secure and nobody is quite sure which way this will swing. However, today—if voting is orderly, votes are counted well, and the outcome is decisive—America will elect a new president, and that’s for sure.
Insecurity can be good thing. It can encourage people to look to God for security and surety; to trust in Him because although we cannot know our future, we can know that God knows all, sees all and is sovereign over all.