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Going Back to Work

In 2007 I began blogging. My first blog, unread by anyone but me, was an announcement that I was leaving my then employer, Oxford Youth Works, and going to begin my studies at Moody Bible Institute in Chicago. Five years, a BA, (nearly) an MA and an additional child in the family later, I am using my blog for the same purpose - to announce another stage in the Holloway journey. For we are leaving the sturdy city of rust and corn for the hilly climbs of Maryland. I begin work later next month as the Minister for Youth and College at Fourth Presbyterian Church (EPC), Bethesda, MD (here).

We leave Lombard, the peaceful suburb we call home, with gratitude for God's faithfulness and provision and trust in his sustaining strength as we wrap our life in cardboard once again. 

For those of you with knees that bend, your prayers are greatly appreciated. 


Anonymous said…
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Dan Widdison said…
Hey ben im well pleased for you & excited for you all. Im sure you will be well recieved & we will be praying for you during this time of change. With much love, Dan & the family
heather easton said…
Prayer request duly noted. We have packed up our stuff twice in the last 5 years, and on both occasions have seen Gods gracious provision of all that we have needed - from kids settling into schools, to ice creams being delivered (by a certain Irish mutual aquaintance!) in the midst of loading up the removal van and the right words at the right time coming from total strangers. It's never easy to move on, but when it's a step along God's unfolding plan for your life, you know it's going to be good!
Thanks for your kind comments
Anonymous said…
Hi Ben, Very good for you and the family, and we hope the move goes well, and the new position. We hope to see you guys out here in No. Minnesota from time to time. Jim & Patti Marshall