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Molinism or Cost Benefit Analysis

I know that Molinism (see here for definition and explanation of Molinism) is a very serious project and has garnered some very serious theologians and philosophers, but every time I try to get my head around it (especially W.L Craig's version) I cannot help thinking that molinism sounds like a transcendental Cost Benefit Analysis. Something like this:

  1. First, list alternative projects/programs: creation of planets including a life sustaining planet with critters that are made in God's image. 
  2. List stakeholders: God, man, animals, trees, rocks.
  3. Select measurement(s) and measure all cost and benefits elements: Glory, pleasure, fulfillment etc vs. Hatred, people in hell, suffering, immorality, earthquakes.
  4. Predict outcome of cost and benefits over relevant time period: duration of creation post fall, pre-Armagedon, eternal state.
  5. Convert all costs and benefits into a common currency: Glorons, Hedons, Morons.
  6. Calculate net present value of project options: Option 1,003 provides best outcome.
  7. Perform sensitivity analysis: Does not thwart divine moral nature or human free will and leaves man to be roughly how God designed him.
  8. Adopt recommended choice: Gen 1 - Rev 22