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Blog Break

As you may have noticed I am taking a break from the blog. This is in order to make some headway in my thesis. In the meantime you are welcome to take a listen to a series of classes I gave on "Worldview and Apologetics" at Fourth Presbyterian Church.

These classes mostly rely on using the superb teaching methods of professors who taught me, especially Bryan O'Neal at Moody Bible Institute who could explain virtually any worldview in terms of cake!

If you listen to my talks you will notice that I teach visually. This can impair the listening experience. The "worldview cake" I refer to is simply a visual way to explain how worldviews work. They look like wedding cakes and comprise three layers all resting upon one another. The three layers, as you will hear me explain, are metaphysics, epistemology and ethics.

Another part of listening to a recording is that you only hear the lecture and not the conversations prior to the lecture. One lecture relied heavily on a discussion of a story involving snakes. You will hear much silliness regarding snakes and various substitutes. This is because it turned out that a member of the class was terrified of the very mention of snakes.

There are doubtless many other parts of the lecture that are fully comprehensible if one can see  the accompanying "artwork" on the whiteboard and so you may have to use some creative imagination.

I would love to teach another class one day on ethics. My worldview class revolves around cake and, as of right now, my ethics class will depend upon a piece of pie! 


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